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Design Week Philippines: Sights, Sounds, Flavors, and Textures at the CCP

Design Week Philippines was a celebration to its fullest capacity with its line-up of talks, creative finds, delicious food, and more. It was high on excitement at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) yesterday, 18 October 2013. The lobby was packed with creative enthusiast that were keen to take part of what Design Week Philippines was offering – design, creativity, and fun under one roof.

The Design Talks offered conversation with candor and knowledge, creating seeds of inspiration and capturing the imagination of the eager audience. Meanwhile, the Pop-Up Market provided a glimpse of the Metro’s creative entrepreneurs, highlighting Filipino craftsmanship in both food and design.

Attendees of Dr. Nicanor Tiongson’s design talk were treated to a tour of the Salvador “Badong” Bernal exhibit.

Scale models of sets and costumes by the Father of Theatre Design Salvador “Badong” Bernal.

Dr. Nicanor Tiongson during his talk about Philippine culture and design.

The live feed of Dr. Nicanor Tiongson’s talk in the lobby of the CCP.

Nikki Rowntree takes the stage and talks about the things that are overlooked when marketing a brand.

Colin McDowell provided enlightening and amusing insights on fashion and bad taste.

Anon Pairot was first up on the talks about “When Design Meets Life.”

Arik Levy for the Design Talks at the CCP.

“The focus is gonna be on us very soon.” – Eneri Abillar of Vapor Studio Asia on Philippine design.

“You have to enjoy what you do.” – Olé Rauberg of DEDON from his design talk of Business + Design.

“Marketing won’t solve a product that’s not unique. You have to find your own voice.” – Kenneth Cobonpue, Design Talks October 2013

Creative finds at the Craft MNL booth.

The Alterchitecture booth at the CCP.

GTMACCON exhibiting comics and art work.

Delicious vegetarian meals, pastries, and drinks at Pipino Vegetarian.

The Curator was mixing coffee and cocktails at the Pop-Up Market.

Yardstick Coffee was also part of the design celebration at the CCP.

Shawarma Bros served up some delicious eats for guests at the Design Week Philippines.

Truck Bun delivered tasty sandwiches for everyone at Design Week Philippines.

Expect more in the next edition of Design Week Philippines coming soon in March 2014.

The Pop-Up Market: A Design Marketplace and More

popup market blog cover photo copy

With Design Week Philippines’ awesome line-up of activities, expect design, creativity, and fun turned up for an unadulterated celebration of the Metro’s design scene. Calling on creative aficionados and buffs, Design Week Philippines brings together a bevy of innovative and ingenious businesses in one design marketplace – The Pop-Up Market.

Millennial entrepreneurs gather at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) in a fantastical bazaar that shows off the Metro’s new generation of entrepreneurs. The Pop-up Market showcases works and products ranging from designer toys, animation and games, comic illustrations, crafts, and gourmet food and drink in one common ground.

At the CCP, the Pop-Up Market houses a full roster of excitement that includes Craft MNL, GTMACCON, and Alterchitecture (ALTER) with food and beverage from The Curator, PIPINO Vegetarian, Cucina Andare, and Yardstick Coffee.

Craft MNL is a community of artisans, crafters, designers, and creative entrepreneurs that celebrate various craft forms – from sewing, felting, and embroidery to printmaking and woodcraft, to weaving local threads and fibers of our traditional craft history, to brewing craft beer.

GTMACCON brings Pinoy Komiks closer to today’s generation through the popular art-form of Cosplay. Cosplay artists come together with Filipino indie comic book writers, artist, illustrators, and publishers to showcase their works – from comic books to illustrated artworks and collectible toys.

Partnering with the United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary – UP Diliman (UAPSA-UPD), Design Week Philippines houses Alterchitecture (ALTER). ALTER is an annual architectural design competition that seeks to revolutionize perspectives on the development of the built environment through progressive design and sustainable architectural innovation.

For the Pop-Up Market’s food offerings, Design Week Philippines taps PIPINO Vegetarian and Cucina Andare to provide gastronomic gourmet fair. PIPINO Vegetarian takes favorite Filipino fare and turns them into creative vegetarian dishes, combining flavors, textures, and ingredients in recipes that bridge healthy and delicious. Cucina Andare, the first food truck market and food bazaar in the country, brings Truck Bun and Shawarma Bros to top off the festivities.

Coffee-lovers will delight in The Curator and Yardstick Coffee as the two offer handcrafted and specialty coffee and other beverages to guests at the celebration.

With all the fun lined-up at Design Week Philippines, everyone will be sure to enjoy their visit at The Pop-Up Market at the CCP on 18 October 2013, 10 AM to 5 PM.

For more information on The Pop-Up Market and other activities, visit or follow the official Design Week Philippines Facebook page for updates.

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Nurturing and Connecting the Creative Mind with Design Talks


Design Week Philippines turns up the volume for design, creativity, and fun this October. With a full roster of events and inexhaustible inspiration, Design Week Philippines gathers creative collaborators and enthusiasts in one melting pot of activity for a whole week of celebrating the country’s design scene. Among its calendar of exciting activities, Design Week Philippines features Design Talks – an event for nurturing creative minds, connecting people, and sharing of experiences.

Design Talks is all about creative inspiration and sharing concepts that create a rippling effect on people and their communities. It’s about bridging knowledge-seekers with creative professionals that offer the wisdom of experience and expertise. Design Talks is the avenue for exploring design in all its aspects, inspiring creativity through knowledge and education.

The event offers four modules at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP): Production Design; Fashion Journalism, PR, and Marketing; Industrial Design; and Business + Design. A special module by Kyoto-6: Japan Handmade with a demonstration on metal weaving will be held at the SMX Convention Center.

Designers and luminaries invited to impart their know-how include Philippine design icon Kenneth Cobonpue, acclaimed Philippine critic and writer Dr. Nicanor Tiongson, Olé Rauberg of DEDON – the world’s exclusive outdoor furniture company, British fashion experts Nikki Rowntree and Colin McDowell , plus international designers Eneri Abillar, Arik Levy, Anon Pairot, and Kyoto-6: Japan Handmade’s Masataka Hosoo, Toru Tsuji, and Ryo Kagami.

In the Production Design module, learn about the Father of Theatre Design in the Philippines Salvador “Badong” Bernal through the eyes of acclaimed critic and one of Bernal’s closest friends Dr. Nicanor Tiongson.

Learn the other side of fashion as Nikki Rowntree and Colin McDowell give insights to the industry and how the media affects the dynamics of its designers and audience.

International designers Eneri Abillar, Arik Levy, and Anon Pairot talk about when design meets life, discussing how design is made for people and how it moves life forward.

For Business + Design, Kenneth Cobonpue and Olé Rauberg emphasize the balance of good business and good design.

In their Special Module, Kyoto-6: Japan Handmade’s Masataka Hosoo, Toru Tsuji, and Ryo Kagami give a glimpse of what today’s Japanese design and aesthetic is and how over a thousand years of craft heritage is made relevant in these modern times.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Design Talks happening on 18 October 2013, simultaneously at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the SMX Convention Center.

To reserve slots to the Design Talks, download form HERE.

To view schedules and fees, click HERE.

For more information on Design Talks and other activities, visit or follow Design Week Philippines on Facebook.

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Design Week Philippines: Everyday DESIGN this October


This October, Design Week Philippines brings a whirl of creative inspiration with another edition of sights, sounds, and textures featuring the country’s very own creative identity. Together with Manila FAME and DeXign Global Philippines, Design Week Philippines presents an incredible roster of events and happenings that can only be summed up as Everyday DESIGN.

Design Week Philippines celebrates design in all its collective diversity. It is a gathering that brings together people from all walks of life. Design Week Philippines about honing and nurturing the creative mind and effecting change and milestones in life, society, and communities.

This October, Design Week Philippines is headlined by exciting features that encourages creative collaborations. With its new venue at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Design Week Philippines presents the Design Talks with new additions such as the Pop-up Market and Design Tours.

The Design Talks, scheduled on 18 October 2013, features a roster of international and local experts in design, journalism, public relations, and business. Talks on Production Design; Fashion Journalism, PR, and Marketing; Industrial Design; and Business + Design will be held at the CCP and a Special Module by Kyoto-6: Japan Handmade with a demonstration on metal weaving will be at the SMX Convention Center.

Designers and luminaries invited to speak at Design Talks include Philippines’ acclaimed critic and creative writer Dr. Nicanor Tiongson, British fashion experts Nikki Rowntree and Colin McDowell, Bangkok’s celebrated artist Anon Pairot, Paris-based designer Arik Levy, Olé Rauberg of DEDON – the world’s exclusive outdoor furniture company, Philippine design icon Kenneth Cobonpue, and Kyoto-6: Japan Handmade’s Masataka Hosoo, Toru Tsuji and Ryo Kagami.

The Pop-up Market features millennial entrepreneurs setting up space at the CCP including select gourmet offerings and more. Meanwhile, Design Week Philippines collaborates with the Wander Team to develop a Design Guide, a comprehensive list of 100 design ideas in the Metro waiting to be explored and includes the a week-long schedule activities.

Manila FAME, The Design and Lifestyle Event and HallONE: Design for Exports also play host to some of the activities for the celebration.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Design Week Philippines, 14 – 20 October 2013.

Visit for more details.

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Design Talks and Fora: Architecture and Design in Today’s Philippines

Design Week Philippines organized Architectural Talks, a three-part forum that tackles design in the context of cultural preservation and economic growth under its Design Talks and Fora component. Design Week Philippines invited three of the best minds in Philippine architecture to share their insights on Philippine architecture and design in today’s modern setting.

The Impact of Cultural Heritage on Design

Arch. Augusto Villalon discusses how heritage plays a part in today’s design. According to him “it is global design whose roots are in Filipino tradition that stand out.” He advices to keep an eye on the many inspirations that our extraordinary cultural heritage can give to design. He stresses that heritage should not be exploited. “Recognize, appreciate, and revive traditional skills. Respect traditional design and skills.”

Indigenous Filipino Architecture in the Modern Setting

Arch. Angelo Mañosa presents the many indigenous materials — from coconut and bamboo, to capiz and rattan — incorporated into Philippine architecture and design, citing examples such as Pasay City’s Coconut Palace and the Bamboo Mansion of Puerto Azul Resort in Cavite. He says that “by using indigenous materials to go hand and hand with architecture and design, we allow the evolution of the bahay kubo and bahay na bato to contemporary Philippine architecture.”

Green Architecture for Sustainable Cities

Arch. Amado De Jesus, Jr. states that with rapid urbanization, pressure is put on the living environment — challenges like pollution, transportation, health and sanitation, and energy efficiency. The solution, according to him, is green and sustainable development which aims to mitigate the problems posed by urbanization through site planning, water conservation, materials and indoor environmental quality. According to him, “energy efficiency is the main trust of green architecture.”
The Speakers:
Augusto Villalon, PhD, FUAP
Architect, Cultural Heritage Planner
Consultant for the UNESCO World Heritage Committee
Advisory Body Member, International Council for Monuments and sites (Paris)
Trustee, National Museum of the Philippines
Miguel Angelo S. Mañosa
Architect, CEO of Mañosa & Co. Inc.
Managing Partner, Mañosa + Architects
Founding Member, Philippine Green Building Council
Member, Green Architecture Movement of the United Architects of the Philippines
Amado P. de Jesus, Jr., FUAP
Architect and Founder, APJ & Associates
Founding Chairman, Green Architecture Movementof the United Architects of the Philippines
Initiator and Vice President, Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI)
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Recognizing the Best Philippine Designs: Katha Awards March 2013

Excellence. Pure talent. Innovation. These are the hallmarks the Katha Awards represent. This March at Manila FAME, the Katha Awards continues to distinguish impactful design and creativity, giving distinction to designers, artisans, and manufacturers. Just so, prestigious award encourages the elevation of design and craftsmanship standards in the country, inspiring future generations to craft better export products born of the country’s abundant natural resources.

The Katha Awards comprises the following categories: Best Product Design for design innovations from the product categories furniture, house ware and furnishings, holiday décor and gifts, and fashion; Best Booth Display for effective visual merchandising and creative booth design at Manila FAME; and the Eco-Design Award for products that represent sustainability and eco-friendliness.

This edition saw a number of innovative designs from talented designers and world-class manufacturers and from this editions pool of the finest Philippine designs the Katha Awardees are as follows:



Katha Awardees-04

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Design Week Philippines – A Celebration of Design, Creativity, and Pure Talent

On 11-17 March 2013, Design Week Philippines brings yet another celebration of sheer talent and creativity coupled with environment-friendly initiatives.

Here are the activities lined up:

Manila FAME

Asia’s premier sourcing show for furniture and furnishings, holiday and gifts, and fashion will be featuring a home designed for the Millennial consumer as well as other exciting show features!

Green Crafts for the Creative Environment

Highlights local communities’ initiatives that transform urban ecologies into self-sustaining and pro-environment society.

Featuring local crafts from the following cities:

Caloocan | Las Pinas | Makati | Mandaluyong | Marikina | Manila | Muntinlupa | Paranaque | Pasig | Quezon City | San Juan | Taguig | Valenzuela

Design Tours

A special treat that gives people a better opportunity to appreciate Philippine design, art, and culture around Metro Manila!

DWP Tours E-card

Katha Awards

A special distinction presented to exporters and designers whose products embody exceptional quality and high-caliber design in furniture, houseware, and furnishings, holiday decor and gifts, and fashion. It is an important hallmark of design excellence and innovation, inspiring and challenging exporters and designers to constantly create fresh and original designs.

Design Tours

A gathering of some of the world’s best and brightest names in design to share and promote the collaborative use of creativity as a catalyst for positive change in everyday living.

DWP Talks E-card

Art Festivals

A move to draw in the millennial generation by traversing innovative, smart, and art-savvy locations and events.

Special Festival Tours: Art in the Park
16 March 2013 | 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Creative Hotspots
16 March 2013 | 2:00pm – 6:00pm

For more information about Design Week Philippines, visit Design Week Philippines’ site HERE!

Manila FAME’s Creative Environment: People-positive and Earth-positive

In an initiative to bring design awareness and appreciation to local communities, Design Week Philippines will showcase design through sustainable products at Manila FAME’s Creative Environment.The Creative Environment aims to create and maintain a sustainable livelihood for the participating localities in Metro Manila. It serves as a program that allows locals to be self-sustaining and productive by reinventing their resources and wastes into profitable goods.People-positive and earth-positive products that are developed through sustainable livelihood projects from various communities in Metro Manila will be featured. Natural products and recycled materials such as water hyacinth, tarpaulins, newspapers, doypacks, and pet bottles will be used to create products that seek to showcase as well as preserve a locality’s culture and crafts. The Creative environment is envisioned to transform communities into distinct living spaces that go beyond their physical attributes.The Creative Environment is organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), the export marketing arm of the Philippine Department of Industry (DTI), in partnership with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the Metro Manila Mayors’ Spouses Foundation, Inc. (MMSFI), the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), through the National Solid Waste Management Commission (NSWMC), the National Ecology Center (NEC), and the Product Development and Design Center of the Philippines (PDDCP).

See earth-friendly crafts at the 57th edition of Manila FAME as it shapes up to bring new and exciting products on 14-17 March 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila, Philippines.

[Update: The Creative Environment has been renamed as the GreenCrafts exhibit at Manila FAME]

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Design, Innovation, and the Katha Awards

The impact that design and creativity has had on the world has been remarkable. Self-expression through creativity continues to grow and change and innovations in design have allowed the world to evolve. Form, function, and sustainability all play key roles on what is considered good design today. It just isn’t enough to be creative; intent on what you create is vital. When designers, artists, and artisans create, they keep in mind how their work affects their world, conscious that design can spur change. The Katha Awards aims to honor such work, cognizant that the Philippines is home to award-worthy talents in design and innovation.

Since 1983, the Katha Awards has been a symbol of design excellence in the Philippines, recognizing exporters, designers, and artisans whose products represent the best of what the Philippines has to offer. With the many talents in the country, the Katha Awards gives distinction to fresh, original, and innovative designs and, in turn, inspiring and encouraging others to bring up the standards of Philippine design and craftsmanship, creating better export products through the skillful use and exploration of the country’s natural resources.

The Katha Awards comprises the categories of Best Product Design which distinguishes innovative designs, each from furniture, homeware and furnishings, holiday décor and gifts, and fashion; Eco-Design Award for products that emulate sustainability and eco-friendliness; and Best Booth Display that recognizes booth designs at Manila FAME that capture smart and effective visual merchandising display.

See the Katha Awards and Philippine design and craftsmanship at Manila FAME, Asia’s Design and Lifestyle Event on 17 – 20 October 2012 at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila, Philippines.

To know more, visit the Katha Awards page at

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Come and Celebrate Design in the Philippines

Design Week Philippines, the country’s definitive celebration of everything design oriented with exciting highlights to share, appreciate and explore Philippine creativity. Its programs and activities are scheduled to take place in key locations around Metro Manila on 14-20 October 2012.

This edition, the DWP will create local and global awareness, highlight Filipino design sensibility, inspire the exchange of knowledge, and showcase the wealth of innovation and craftsmanship distinct to Asia’s Design Destination, the Philippines.

Everyone is invited to take pride in celebrating the creativity, craftsmanship and capabilities of the Philippines 14-20 October 2012.

Register and be part of a promising week-long celebration of Philippine design. Contact the DWP secretariat at telephone numbers +632 831-1268 and 832- 5039 or send an email to or

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