Three Global Trends featured at Manila FAME International

Three global design trends were highlighted for this edition of Manila FAME International and the products developed through Manila FAME International’s Merchandise Specialist Program in collaboration with international design specialists Michael Cleghorn and Linda Simpson were displayed in the Trend Stores.

The Trend Stores are designed to reflect the interior setting of a typical retail shop so that it would give buyers an idea on how a particular product might look like when displayed in a retail store setting.

The three trends are as follows:


The naturalist trend feature products inspired by nature. The products developed for this trend mainly use neutral and earth colors. Raw and indigenous materials such as pandan, raffia, seagrass etc. were used in creating some of the products featured in this setting.

Prompted by the regard for our environment the products featured in this setting utilize the various natural gifts of the Philippines.


This particular trend is inspired by the allure of the sea and intricate ikat patterns. Mood Indigo is a mixture of different hues/shades of blue. The products featured in this setting are made of recycled and indigenous materials like raffia, bamboo, abalone, abaca, capiz and driftwood.


This particular trend is a burst of bright and vibrant colors. Inspired by the blend of pop-culture and self-expressionism this bold trend definitely stands out. Products featured in this setting have more of a modern/cosmopolitan look as compared to the previous trends still utilizing natural materials that are available in the Philippines.

All the products featured in the Trend Stores are especially developed by the following manufacturers under Manila FAME International’s Merchandise Specialist Program.

Here’s the list of participating companies:

33 point 3 Exports, Inc. • Accent Pieces Exports, Inc. • Alice Blue Candle Inc. • Alriver Export Corp. • Anaware Ventures Inc. • Art ‘N’ Nature Mfg. Corp. • Asia Ceramics Corp. • Basket and Weaves • Betis Crafts Inc. • Bon-Ace Fashion Tools, Inc. • Calfurn Mfg. Philippines, Inc. • Catalina Embroideries, Inc. • Dekokraft Inc. • Ferimar Import-Export, Inc. • Gyrma International • Hacienda Crafts Company, Inc. • Indian Summer Gifts and Accessories • Joarene Fashion • Lightworks Resources, Inc. • Marléna Decor Craft • Mary Kel Company • MIL Export Philippines • Miles Ahead Corp. • Obra Cebuana, Inc. • Riviera Clay Philippines • Robles Heritage, Inc. • Saint Nicholas Crafts Inc. • Sally’s Crafts • San Jose Kitchen Cabinets • Sarilinlikha Novelties • Sebastianne Creations • Shell Arts Company, Inc. • Stanpuz Corp. • Starwood Manufacturing Company Inc. • TADECO, Inc. • Tamilee Industries • Venus Crafts • Triboa by Vivere Lifestyles Co. Inc.


The Creation Stations: Philippine raw materials and artisans under the spotlight

For the first time in Manila FAME International’s history, various artisans and craftsmen all over the Philippines were invited to showcase their skills in working with the country’s different raw materials. They will create texturized, conceptual, architectural, and monumental works of art during FAME’s four-day event. These Creation Stations were a collaborative effort of different organizations and Manila FAME to shine the spotlight on our country’s indigenous materials and the Filipino artisan.

People who visited FAME were awed and impressed by the display. At each station you could see people crowding around, watching and asking questions. The Philippine artisans would offer you a ready smile and gladly answer your questions.

The Creation Stations made quiet an impact to the public, a few people have said that FAME this year is all the better because of these stations. The displays have helped in bringing people to the trade event and the appeal of the creation stations was definitely palpable during the event.


T’boli Ethnic Group: A Showcase of Culture and Tradition at FAME

The T’boli ethnic group graces Manila FAME International with their culture and tradition on its four-day run. Famed for their skills in hand-weaving, which is considered one of the most important crafts in the Philippines, the T’boli’s give life to the show theme of Weaving Dreams.

If you walk along the lobby of the SMX Convention Center, you will find the T’boli weavers, all of them women, working over their tribal cloth called T’nalak – simple threads turned into intricate designs. As you watch them work, you will see how they utilize both hands and feet in preparing their threads to be used for their weaving.


Weaving by hand seems such tedious work but the results are stunning and you wonder how it was done without the convention of machinery. When you approach them they flash you a small smile and it gives you a sense that they enjoy showing everyone their craft; a craft that has been handed down from generation to generation.

All throughout FAME, you will hear their music. A rhythmic drumming beats through the air and your heart seems to follow in time. Soon you will hear a woman’s voice singing and rising in the spaces of the convention center. You may understand the words but still it captivates you.


Their music can be heard all throughout the lobby. As the drumming music plays, a T’boli woman joins in traditional dance, the bells on her ethnic garb jingling along the music.

The T’boli’s display of their art and tradition is truly a sight to see. It is amazing how they have kept their old ways alive after hundreds of years.

Come and visit Manila FAME International and glimpse the truly inspiring T’boli ethnic group and share a part of the Philippines wonderful and diverse world.

Manila FAME International opens

Manila FAME International, Asia’s longest running trade show opened last Sunday, October 16, 2011 at the SMX Convention Center.

Manila FAME International is known to promote Philippine creative manufacturers and producers in exporting their products in the export market.

On it’s 54th edition, Manila FAME International partners with the country’s major sourcing events – manilanow, CEBUNEXT and Bijoux Cebu in bringing buyers and exhibitors a wider array of furniture and furnishings, holiday and gifts, and fashion under one roof.

Upon entering the show you’ll be welcomed by the music of the T’boli tribe. Their designs are acquired from patterns made by earlier generations and are also inspired by dreams.

This season, the show highlights three global design trends, Naturalist, Mood Indigo and Graffiti. The Trend Stores showcases products developed by manufacturers during the Merchandise Specialist Program organized by CITEM in collaboration with  international design specialists Michael Cleghorn and Linda Simpson.

The RED BOX setting designed by Wataru Sakuma and Jinggoy Buensuceso of EPOCH features exploratory designs and concepts in furniture, home decor, lighting and accent products developed through a collaboration with selected Manila FAME International manufacturers and a new breed of cutting-edge designers – EPOCH, Team Manila and the Manila Fashion Group.

To make the show more interactive and informative, several Creation Stations are placed inside the exhibition. These Creation Stations feature live demonstrations of how different indigenous materials such as Buri, Capiz, Rattan are used in creating different works of art displaying Filipino creativity and ingenuity.

The show is open from the 16th to the 19th of October (Sunday-Wednesday) at the SMX Convention Center. For more information you can visit the website: See you there!

Photos: Butterfly Leaf Fairy by Tamilee Industries, Inc., Booth no.: U17/V1 | Single Necklaces w/ Assorted Laminated Shells by Joarene Fashion, Booth no.: I16-17 / J4-5 | Pucalet Ring Chains by Joarene Fashion, Booth no.: I16-17 / J4-5

Manila FAME International – A Triumph of Four World-Class Event Brands

The 54th edition of the Manila FAME International, Asia’s foremost design show, marks an industry milestone as it opens along with three major sourcing event brands in the country – Manila Now, CebuNext and Bijoux Cebu – on 16 to 19 October 2011 at the SMX Convention Center, beside the Mall of Asia, in Pasay City.“This is a landmark partnership between government and the private sector, which represents 12 trade associations and manufacturers of furniture and furnishings, holiday and gift items, and fashion accessories,” says Rosvi C. Gaetos, Executive Director of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), the export promotions arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and organizer of Manila FAME International. “The goal is to open more doors for our exporters, offer more products than ever before to the international market, and showcase the beauty of Philippine design and the versatility of our indigenous raw materials to the whole world.”

Among the show’s highlights are new products developed under CITEM’s Merchandise Specialist Program reflecting three global trends: Naturalist, Mood Indigo and Graffiti; T’boli weavers from Lake Sebu in South Cotabato demonstrating the ancient art of weaving their trademark fabric called t’nalak; and skilled artisans transforming indigenous raw materials like abaca, seagrass or capiz into finished products through live demonstrations.

“The show theme, Weaving Dreams, signifies the intertwining of design and aesthetics with pragmatism and strategy. These four sourcing shows have banded together in order to solidify Manila FAME’s position in the Asian circuit of trade shows and establish a brand that is instantly recognizable worldwide,” explains Gaetos.

The show will welcome buyers from top retailers such as El Corte Ingles from Spain; Crate and Barrel, Hallmark Cards, Enesco, Roost and Kalalou from the U.S.A.; Marks & Spencer from Britain; and Freedom from Australia. In addition, around 100 buyers from India, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Sweden, Singapore, Turkey, and Vietnam will also be attending the show.

This edition of Manila FAME International is also open to the general public during its four-day run. Although many of the exhibitors will be reserving their stocks for volume orders, the average visitor can expect to come across booths selling interesting, unique, unusual items at competitive prices.

Gaetos states, “It is our intention to mount a design show that is richly textured and truly exciting for both trade buyers and everyone who loves beautiful design.”

For more information on Manila FAME, visit, or email

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