Philippine Food: Giving the World Appetizing Textures and Flavors

People world-wide have been sampling and savoring Filipino staples for years and with the growing Philippine exports and Overseas Filipino Workers, the demand for such staples from different parts of the world have increased. Tropical fruits like bananas, mangoes, and pineapples have become the country’s top selling export products and are internationally available as processed food items or raw ingredients.

The increase in demand for Filipino foods in the international market has done well for Philippine food manufacturers. Food companies get to join various international exhibitions, fairs, and selling missions, gaining knowledge from international food market.

With productive and lucrative results during GULFOOD 2011, the Philippines – with its contingent of 20 exhibitor-companies and five institutional exhibitors – is getting ready for GULFOOD’s 16th edition this 19 – 22 February 2012 at Dubai.

Philippine Food and manufacturers will also be showcased in other international food fairs like FOODEX Japan 2012 (6 – 9 March 2012) and SIAL Paris (21 – 25 October 2012), and selling missions to various other countries.

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