Monday by Design: Featuring Robert Alejandro and Daniel Latorre Cruz

The third edition of Manila FAME‘s Monday by Design features Daniel Latorre Cruz and Robert Alejandro, renowned Filipino designers that will bring you exciting designs at the October edition of the Design and Lifestyle Event.

Robert Alejandro, an accomplished designer, journalist, and TV show host

A designer for Papemelroti, a specialty shop that carries a wide array of gifts and decorative accessories owned by his family, Robert also worked as an on-camera reporter and as a TV art show host. He has also enjoyed brief stints as a store and mall designer, book illustrator and package designer for various companies in the Philippines.

Robert’s unique persona trickles down to his designs. “I am unique and that is what makes my work unique. If you are true to yourself, then you yourself will make your work unique,” he says, “I hope to create a new twist with old materials and old technology.”

Bipolar Moon is the result of a collaboration between Robert and a Manila FAME exhibitor

He is enthusiastic about working with Philippine manufacturers and looks forward to the mutual benefit of learning from one another, “Hopefully we turn out to be good friends after all of this is done.”

Robert is thrilled at being part of the Manila FAME, “I’ve always wanted to do this. I thought I better do this now before I get any older.”

Daniel Latorre Cruz, a contemporary artisan

Daniel Latorre Cruz marks his work with surface narratives, a distinctive design character and a touch of authentic craftsmanship. His work consciously utilizes the opulence of sustainable materials, aimed at evoking an emotional response from his audience.
Daniel holds the Philippine design industry close to his heart and encourages young Filipino designers to pursue their dreams
Born in the Philippines and raised in the UK, Latorre Cruz lives in symbiosis, producing collections for his clientele from his London studio and collaborating with furniture manufacturers in the Philippines. Having studied Furniture and Product Design at the Buckinghamshire Chilterns University In High Wycombe, Daniel began his career working for a major furniture design retail company in London and trained under master architectural model maker Hiro Takayanagi for clients such as John Pawson Architects.
The Palm Chair, Icarus, and Jet Sets by Daniel Latorre Cruz

Daniel holds the Philippine design industry close to his heart and encourages young Filipino designers to pursue their dreams, “The new generation of designers is more conscious of (their) surroundings and they are willing to express their individuality.”

He says that Filipino designers and artisans are admired throughout the world are adept to produce work that is globally recognized and respected.

Daniel looks forward to the upcoming Manila FAME show. He is thankful to the show’s organizer, the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), for supporting emerging designers, a cause that he believes in and fervently supports. – Daniel Latorre Cruz

Daniel and Robert are two of the many designers to watch out for at Asia’s Design and Lifestyle Event, the Manila FAME 2012 October edition which will be held on 17-20 October 2012 at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila Philippines. Anchored to the theme “The Art of the Craftsman = The Soul of the Philippines,” their designs will be featured in the show’s “Design Houses” which will showcase the country’s abundance of natural and indigenous materials.


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