Philippine Design in the Face of a Crossroads

March 2013 marks another chapter in the book of Manila FAME and as a new world order is being realized, changes are becoming inevitable with industries pushing forward, the birth of a new era, the old and the new crossing over. In this, the Philippines, together with the rest of the world, bears witness to a crossroads of industries and consumers that will shape the future.

Consumer-wise, the last 30 years of the industry’s landscape had always been clear-cut, with many reaping the benefits, generating profit and creating strong brands that, for years, served the needs of the consumers called Baby Boomers.

But with rise of the new consumers called Millennials, traditional means of connecting to consumers are being challenged and the rules of engagement are being rewritten. In a world where technology leads, the Millennials are taking over the consumer demographic and soon will eclipse the Baby Boomers, but for now they are at a crossroads. The Baby Boomers still command quite a spending power even as the Millennials are set to take the reigns of the industry. The question now is how to navigate through the Baby Boomer sunset and the Millennial sunrise.

At this crossroads, Philippine design and craftsmanship’s advantage is the country’s abundant organic, indigenous materials. With strength in sustainability and environmental soundness, products from the Philippines offer quality, value and answer the call of the changing consumer demands for design-oriented products that are unique, creative, and innovative.

Some of the many craft forms in the Philippines

The Art of the Craftsman will live on, preserving Philippine culture and tradition while embracing the challenges today’s demographic crossroads bring, culminating as DESIGN PHILIPPINES at Manila FAME, Asia’s Design and Lifestyle Event.

Visit Manila FAME on 14 – 17 March 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila, Philippines.


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