Manila Wear Presents Philippine Fashion at the International Fashion Showcase

Fashion Philippines brings MANILA WEAR, the country’s premier fashion brand, to the upcoming International Fashion Showcase London on 15-19 February 2013, organized by the British Fashion Council and the British Council. The showcase, which runs alongside London Fashion Week, serves to bring together fashion designers from all over the world, featuring their collections to a global audience.

This will be the country’s second participation in the showcase with designer Amina Aranáz and fashion company Rags2Riches representing the Philippines’ creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship.


Amina has made a name for herself as a designer known for ingeniously crafted bags and accessories. Designer and Creative Director for the family-owned brand, ARANÁZ, Amina’s designs are unique and represent pride in the Filipino heritage, taking native materials and transforming them into chic and elegant creations.


Rags2Riches is a fashion company that holds social and environmental responsibility of utmost importance. The company believes that style and sustainability make an inspired mix, using upcycled fabrics and organic materials in creating their fashion and home accessories. Rags2Riches primarily works with marginalized communities in crafting their products, driving livelihood programs and providing such communities with useful skills that further financial and social empowerment.

Visit for more information.


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