Nurturing and Connecting the Creative Mind with Design Talks


Design Week Philippines turns up the volume for design, creativity, and fun this October. With a full roster of events and inexhaustible inspiration, Design Week Philippines gathers creative collaborators and enthusiasts in one melting pot of activity for a whole week of celebrating the country’s design scene. Among its calendar of exciting activities, Design Week Philippines features Design Talks – an event for nurturing creative minds, connecting people, and sharing of experiences.

Design Talks is all about creative inspiration and sharing concepts that create a rippling effect on people and their communities. It’s about bridging knowledge-seekers with creative professionals that offer the wisdom of experience and expertise. Design Talks is the avenue for exploring design in all its aspects, inspiring creativity through knowledge and education.

The event offers four modules at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP): Production Design; Fashion Journalism, PR, and Marketing; Industrial Design; and Business + Design. A special module by Kyoto-6: Japan Handmade with a demonstration on metal weaving will be held at the SMX Convention Center.

Designers and luminaries invited to impart their know-how include Philippine design icon Kenneth Cobonpue, acclaimed Philippine critic and writer Dr. Nicanor Tiongson, Olé Rauberg of DEDON – the world’s exclusive outdoor furniture company, British fashion experts Nikki Rowntree and Colin McDowell , plus international designers Eneri Abillar, Arik Levy, Anon Pairot, and Kyoto-6: Japan Handmade’s Masataka Hosoo, Toru Tsuji, and Ryo Kagami.

In the Production Design module, learn about the Father of Theatre Design in the Philippines Salvador “Badong” Bernal through the eyes of acclaimed critic and one of Bernal’s closest friends Dr. Nicanor Tiongson.

Learn the other side of fashion as Nikki Rowntree and Colin McDowell give insights to the industry and how the media affects the dynamics of its designers and audience.

International designers Eneri Abillar, Arik Levy, and Anon Pairot talk about when design meets life, discussing how design is made for people and how it moves life forward.

For Business + Design, Kenneth Cobonpue and Olé Rauberg emphasize the balance of good business and good design.

In their Special Module, Kyoto-6: Japan Handmade’s Masataka Hosoo, Toru Tsuji, and Ryo Kagami give a glimpse of what today’s Japanese design and aesthetic is and how over a thousand years of craft heritage is made relevant in these modern times.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Design Talks happening on 18 October 2013, simultaneously at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the SMX Convention Center.

To reserve slots to the Design Talks, download form HERE.

To view schedules and fees, click HERE.

For more information on Design Talks and other activities, visit or follow Design Week Philippines on Facebook.


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