Top brands lead FoodPHILIPPINES’ exhibit in one of US’ largest food fair

Food Network and Bloomberg predict Philippine food will be one of the hottest trends in 2017.

FoodPHILIPPINES will showcase coconut value-added products including coconut oil, coconut honey, organic coconut sugar, and coconut flour, among others.

FoodPHILIPPINES is all set to fulfill the global craving for Philippine food and tropical Asian products, such as premium coconut, banana, pineapple, mango, tuna, cacao, and other flavorful selections, in the 42nd Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS) in San Francisco, USA on January 22-24.

Led by top local brands, San Miguel Pure Foods, Inc., Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF), Monde M.Y. San Corporation, Big “E” Food Corporation, and Republic Biscuit Corporation (REBISCO), together with other leading suppliers, FoodPHILIPPINES is geared to showcase the country’s distinct flavors—blended from centuries of cross-cultural fusions and regional influences.

Food Network predicts that this “pungent, pucker synthesis of East, Spanish, and Pacific Flavors,” evident in Philippine food is certain to bring new surprises this 2017, while Bloomberg also hails “Filipino food as one of the hottest trends this year,” in its article “Eleven Fancy Food Trends You’ll Face in 2017.”

FoodPHILIPPINES is a branding initiative of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions, the export promotion arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI-CITEM), which unifies the efforts of the government in promoting the Philippines as a source of quality food products in the global market.

WFFS is the West Coast’s largest specialty food and beverage event with an estimate of 20,000 annual visitors and 1,500 exhibitors from across the U.S. and 28 other countries.

Distinct tastes from distinct brands

Seafood flavors will be showcased at the FoodPHILIPPINES Pavilion in WFFS 2017.

The Philippines’ largest tuna company, CNPF will showcase their new line of condensed milk and canned beef, alongside their signature canned tuna and seafood products. Last year, the company acquired the Kamayan trademark—one of the top US shrimp paste brand.

Meanwhile, San Miguel Pure Foods, Inc. is set to highlight their hotdogs, canned meats, and ice cream lines. San Miguel Pure Foods is a subsidiary of the San Miguel Corporation—Southeast Asia’s largest food, beverage and packaging company—and is set to get even bigger with their plan to invest P75 billion in their food line this 2017.

Meanwhile, Monde M.Y. San Corporation will feature their new line of Fita Thinz biscuit products and Skyflakes Sandwich, along with their signature crackers. REBISCO will promote the sweets, confectioneries, and assorted biscuits. Big “E” Food Corporation will also bring a tasteful delight with its assorted cakes, bread, cereal snacks, cookies, and pastries.

The Philippine pavilion will offer specialty cakes and confectionery flavored from locally sourced premium cacao.

FoodPHILIPPINES delegates will also bring coconut oil, sugar, sap, juices, jelly and water; banana chips and rolls; fresh and frozen pineapples; mango health bars; and different canned tuna flavors. Philippine companies will also offer a selection of other tropical fruits, like papaya and corn; frozen and canned meat products; assorted health snacks, nuts and biscuits; cakes and confectionaries; premium rice and sugar; salt, condiments, and other ingredients.

Included in the 13 new participants in the WFFS 2017 are Bethany Sales, Inc., Businesspeople, Inc., GCB Food Products, KSK Food Products, Magic Melt Foods, Inc., Pixcel Transglobal Foods, Inc., Profood International Corporation, and RDEX Food International Phils., Inc.

Also, making a comeback this edition are the Brandexports Philippines, Inc., Fruits of Life, Inc., Raw Brown Sugar Milling Co., Inc., SAGREX Foods, Inc., Inc. See’s International Food Mfg. Corp., SL Agritech Corporation, and Xroads Philippine Sea Salts.

2017 is the year of Philippine Food

In the last WFFS, FoodPHILIPPINES’ pavilion promoted specialty food products from 17 local companies, recording a total of 540 buyer inquiries and negotiated sales worth over US$44 million.

Mango and Pineapple will be highlighted at the FoodPHILIPPINES Pavilion, along the other top Philippine export food products.

For its fourth participation in the WFFS 2017, DTI-CITEM targets to generate total sales of US$47 million as it tapped 20 local companies, including 13 new participants, to showcase a variety of health and wellness specialty food products. The majority of these products are derived from the Philippines’ ‘Premium 7’ food group and other top export food commodities, such as coconut, banana, mango, pineapple, cacao, and tuna.

“With more exhibitors and new participants this year that capitalize on the country’s premium food products, FoodPHILIPPINES aims to expand and fortify our country’s export circle in the US specialty food market,” said CITEM Executive Director Rosvi Gaetos. “As a strategic response to the rise of western demand for healthy, natural and organic Asian food products, we anticipate a positive reception from US trade buyers and visitors.”

The Philippines is currently the world’s second largest producer of coconut and banana, according to the 2015 data of the Philippine Coconut Authority and the Department of Agriculture. Meanwhile, the country is also a top global producer of pineapple (3rd), canned tuna (4th), and mango (10th), based on a 2013 data of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

FoodPHILIPPINES’ participation in the WFFS 2017 is organized by CITEM, in partnership with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) in San Francisco and Los Angeles, as one of the DTI’s major efforts to intensify the promotion of Philippine specialty food products in overseas trade shows.

CITEM is the export promotion arm of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). CITEM is committed to developing, nurturing, and promoting globally competitive small and medium enterprises (SMEs), exporters, designers, and manufacturers by implementing an Integrated Approach to Export Marketing in partnership with other government and private entities.

For more information on its services and events, please log on to


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