FoodPHILIPPINES showcases the country’s distinct flavors in the world’s largest food show fair

World-class mangoes and coffee blends among the new interesting Halal-certified product showcase


FoodPHILIPPINES brings halal-certified healthy and organic products at the 22nd Gulfood.

The country’s distinct Halal-certified food products will lead the FoodPHILIPPINES exhibit in the 22nd Gulfood at the Sheikh Rashid Hall (Booth Nos. R-140 and R-M4/N3), Dubai World Trade Center, United Arab Emirates (UAE) from February 26 to March 2.

A branding initiative of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions, the export promotion arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI-CITEM), FoodPHILIPPINES unifies the efforts of the government in promoting the Philippines as a source of quality food products in the global market.

For this participation, CITEM brings 26 Philippine food exporters, including 10 new participants, to represent the country at Gulfood or the Gulf Food Hotel and Equipment Exhibition and Salon Culinaire—the biggest food and hospitality fair attended by an annual average of 5,000 food exhibitors and 90,000 trade buyers all over the world.

“Philippine food is considered as one of the 2017 food trends by Bloomberg, Food Network and other reputable information companies,” said Rosvi Gaetos, CITEM executive director. “With this participation in Gulfood, we affirm the country’s position as one of the Asia’s prime sourcing hubs not only for its distinct food products but also for Halal-certified food items.”

Food Network predicts that this “pungent, pucker synthesis of East, Spanish, and Pacific Flavors,” evident in Philippine food is certain to bring new surprises this 2017, while Bloomberg also hails “Filipino food as one of the hottest trends this year,” in its article “Eleven Fancy Food Trends You’ll Face in 2017.”

Last year, the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) generated over US$ 109 million worth of sales. Among the best-selling items are rice, coconut products, such as virgin coconut oil (VCO) and coconut water, canned fruits snacks, sauces and condiments, canned seafood, dried mango, confectioneries and fermented marine products.

World-class mangoes and coffee blends

Known as the top global mango producer, FoodPHILIPPINES pavilion will bring this Gulfood exhibit a variety of halal-certified fresh and processed mango products, including dried mangoes, purees and juices.

The Philippine mango, also known as Carabao mango, is considered one of the best variety of mango in the world due to its distinct natural sweetness and buttery texture. Over the decades, local researchers and companies have developed different strains of this sweet fruit to continuously improve its export quality.

As of now, there are already 14 known strains for Philippine mango. One of these strains is the ‘Sweet Elena’ which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Record as the “sweetest mango in the world.”

As one of the leading coffee producers in the world, FoodPHILIPPINES will likewise feature different coffee blends from San Miguel Purefoods, Inc., Philippine Grocers Food Exports, Inc., Market Reach International Resources, and Magicmelt Food, Inc. to address the growing demand for ready-to-drink coffee in the Middle East.

Ten new Philippine participants in Gulfood

Ten new Gulfood participants joining the Philippine delegation are Asia Brewery Incorporated, Bethany Sales, Inc, Celebes Coconut Corp., KSK Food Products, Maharlika Agro-Marine Ventures Corporation, Miesto International Foods Corporation, Profood International Corporation, Republic Biscuits Corporation (REBISCO), San Miguel Purefoods, Inc., and Seatrade Canning Corporation.

Asia Brewery Incorporated will bring their invigorating ‘Cobra’ energy drink; KSK Food with their corn snacks under their popular ‘Boy Bawang’ brand; REBISCO seeks to introduce their new ‘Creamline’ ice cream; and San Miguel to highlight delectable ‘Magnolia’ ice cream.

Meanwhile, Bethany Sales offers its nutritious snacks and beverages, including moringa drink; Celebes Coconut Corp., with their VCO, coconut flour, and desiccated coconut; Maharlika Agro- Maharlika Agro-Marine Ventures Corporation with premium quality peking duck; Miesto International Foods Corporation excites with tasty ice pops and jellies; Profood International Corporation showcases refreshing ready-to-drink juice and dried tropical fruits; and Seatrade Canning Corporation brings processed tuna products, such as fish in water and brine.

Philippine companies returning this edition are Brandexports Philippines, Inc., Century Pacific Food, Inc., Gem Foods International, Inc., Krystle Exports Phil., Inc., Magicmelt Foods, Inc., Mama Sita’s, Market Reach International Resources, Marikina Food Corporation, Mega Global Corporation, Philippine Grocers Food Exports, Inc., Pixcel Transglobal Foods, Inc., Q-Phil Products International, Sagrex Foods, Inc., SEE’s International Food Mfg. Corp., SL Agritech Corporation, and Super Q.

FoodPHILIPPINES’ participation in the Gulfood 2017 is organized by CITEM, in partnership with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as one of the DTI’s major efforts to intensify the promotion of Philippine specialty food products in overseas trade shows.

CITEM is committed to developing, nurturing, and promoting globally competitive small and medium enterprises (SMEs), exporters, designers, and manufacturers by implementing an Integrated Approach to Export Marketing in partnership with other government and private entities.

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