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Food Philippines to showcase premium, healthy and Halal-certified products in Dubai

Food Philippines will usher in more trade opportunities for the country’s food industry as it brings premium, healthy and halal-certified food products in the forthcoming 21st “Gulfood: Gulf Food Hotel and Equipment Exhibition and Salon Culinaire” slated at the Dubai World Trade Center on February 21-25, 2016.

Twenty-four food companies have been tapped by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), the export promotions arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), to represent the country in the biggest annual trade show in food and hospitality. CITEM aims to engage the prospect market in the Middle East by featuring a new lineup of healthy food products that are natural as well as organic.

The Food Philippines Pavilion in last year’s GULFOOD participation.

The Food Philippines Pavilion in last year’s GULFOOD participation.

“There is an overwhelming feedback from the last year’s Gulfood participation, which only proves that there is a potent market in the Middle East which we can strongly influence,” said Rosvi Gaetos, executive director of CITEM.

In response to the increasing demand for healthy and halal-certified food in the international market, part of the country’s objective this year is to expand food choices to offer to the buyers and to introduce new product lines.

Last year, the Food Philippines Pavilion garnered an impressive sales of USD104.34 M, surpassing its record over the years. Breaking down top products from last year’s participation, 26 percent of the total sales came from coconut water and juice; 23 percent from dried mangoes, dried fruits and banana chips; and 18 percent from fresh fruits like cavendish bananas, pineapples, and mangoes.

The Philippine delegation in Gulfood 2016 hopes to strengthen the market for the Philippine food products in Dubai. Dubai is a strategic trading point in the Middle East, located between Asia, Europe and Africa, which makes Dubai a melting pot of flavors and a strategic domain for Philippine trade. The GCC population is expected to grow beyond 50 million mark by 2020, which will incite the growth of various development sectors, including the food sector in the region.

“The United Arab Emirates is one of the leading trade partners of the Philippines. Establishing the Philippine Food Market in UAE will further develop our booming export industry in the Middle East,” said Gaetos.

Food Philippines is a branding initiative that ensures food products made of quality, healthy, natural ingredients are derived from the Philippines’ tropical islands. It unifies the overseas promotional efforts of CITEM. Under this national brand, the Philippines is positioned as Asia’s most exciting sourcing destination for food exports, being one of the world’s top exporters of fresh fruits and marine products.


Visit the Food Philippines Pavillion at booth number E8-10 / F8-9, Hall 8, at the Dubai World Trade Center on February 21-25, 2016.

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Food Philippines reached USD 70.96M sales at Gulfood 2014

Food Philippines, bringing the country's finest food exports to Gulfood 2014 at Dubai World Trade Center last February 23-27, gained up to USD70.96 million, not to mention the 2,509 trade inquiries received from international buyers. With its 25 exhibitors, Food Philippines targets to increase the number of participants from the country for the next Gulfood as it boosts its share in the MENASA market.

Meanwhile, equally noteworthy is the Philippines' edge in the trade show when it comes to fresh, frozen, and processed tropical fruit products.  With one buyer alone, one exhibitor made an impressive sale amounting to US$3M.

Philippines Pavilion

FoodPh at Gulfood


DSC_3093 - Copy













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The Philippines Highlights Halal-Certified Power Fruits at Gulfood 2014

The Philippine’s known power fruits — banana, pineapple, coconut, mango and papaya, in fresh and value-added forms, is the product focus at the Philippines Pavilion in the 19th Gulfood at the World Trade Center Dubai on February 23-27, 2014.

The Philippines participation is spearheaded by the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) in partnership with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) in the Middle East.

At Gulfood, our aim is to increase the market share of Halal-certified products, from 3.45% to 5% which is valued at US$118,500.00 total Philippine exports to the Middle East. And with our new line of healthy food products, we will position our country as a reliable source of high-quality food products in the MENASA market. – CITEM Executive Director Ms. Rosvi C. Gaetos

Part of the country’s objective as well is to increase awareness of the country’s collective brand Food Philippines, which carries the power fruits and other healthy, natural and organic food and beverage Philippine products.

The Gulfood or the Gulf Food Hotel and Equipment Exhibition and Salon Culinaire, has established itself as the world’s biggest annual food and hospitality industry trade show. From its four day editions in previous years, Gulfood 2014 will be running for five days, with an increased space for its local, regional and international exhibitors.

The location of the Philippines Pavilion is at Hall 8, Booth Numbers F 8-9, E 8-10 of the World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE.

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Philippine Food: Giving the World Appetizing Textures and Flavors

People world-wide have been sampling and savoring Filipino staples for years and with the growing Philippine exports and Overseas Filipino Workers, the demand for such staples from different parts of the world have increased. Tropical fruits like bananas, mangoes, and pineapples have become the country’s top selling export products and are internationally available as processed food items or raw ingredients.

The increase in demand for Filipino foods in the international market has done well for Philippine food manufacturers. Food companies get to join various international exhibitions, fairs, and selling missions, gaining knowledge from international food market.

With productive and lucrative results during GULFOOD 2011, the Philippines – with its contingent of 20 exhibitor-companies and five institutional exhibitors – is getting ready for GULFOOD’s 16th edition this 19 – 22 February 2012 at Dubai.

Philippine Food and manufacturers will also be showcased in other international food fairs like FOODEX Japan 2012 (6 – 9 March 2012) and SIAL Paris (21 – 25 October 2012), and selling missions to various other countries.

Read more about Philippine food

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