Award-winning PH chocolate brands to be featured in the Netherlands’ top chocolate and cacao show

Chocolate Chocoa
Visitors in Chocoa will get a full taste of Philippine chocolates and value-added cacao products from bean to bar.

The Philippines gears up its award-winning chocolate makers and cacao producers for a country exhibit in the Cocoa Trade Show & Chocolate Festival, also known as CHOCOA, at the Beurs Van Berlage, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 19-23 February 2020.

The FoodPhilippines delegation is set to showcase eight Philippine producers and manufacturers of chocolates and other value-added cacao products including local brands that have earned global recognition. It will be led by the Department of the Trade and Industry, through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (DTI-CITEM), in partnership with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) in Brussels, Belgium, and the Rural Agro-Industrial Partnership for Inclusive Development (RAPID) Growth Project, funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

“The Philippine chocolate and value-added cacao products have been making waves in the international market for its distinct flavor profile and high-quality beans,” said CITEM Executive Director Pauline Suaco-Juan. “We want to make a statement that the Philippines is ready to take on the global cacao demand by showcasing some of our top brands in Netherlands, the world’s leading importer of cacao beans.”

Below are the five award-winning Philippine firms with their brands to be showcased in CHOCOA:

Malagos Agri-Ventures Corporation

Malagos Chocolates is one of the frontline brands of the Philippines in the international market. Launched in 2012, the brand has made a name with its line of single-origin 100%, 85%, 72% and 65% dark and drinking chocolates, earning multiple awards from the Academy of Chocolates, International Chocolate Awards and Great Taste, among others. Now, they offer chocolate beer and chocolate variants with truffles and tropical fruits. The Puentespina Farm, where its beans are cultivated, earned its heirloom status from the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund in 2019 for growing one of only 16 Heirloom Cacaos in the world. In 2017, Malagos Chocolates’ cacao bean made it to the list of the “Best 50 Beans in The World” under the Cocoa Excellence Programme.

Auro Chocolates/Filipinas Oro de Cacao

Another multi-awarded brand under the FoodPhilippines roster is Auro Chocolates. The company takes pride for its bean-to-bar process since they have cacao beans that are fully traceable in planting communities in the Philippines. Their chocolates are made with 100% premium cacao butter and premium ingredients with no extenders and processed in a state-of-the-art facility where it is properly segregated and classified to optimize the flavors of Philippine cacao. Its commitment to quality has earned it 23 international awards including the Top 20 Best Cacao Beans Award—a first for the Philippines—in the International Cocoa Awards (ICA) in Salon du Chocolat Paris with their partner farmer, Jose Saguban. Auro shines in the global market as it offers chocolate varieties from their Classic, Heritage, Reserve and Tropical collections living up to its name which is taken from the chemical symbol of gold and the Spanish word “Oro.”

Theo and Philo Chocolate Factory, Inc.

Theo & Philo takes pride in its use of high-quality local ingredients from the cacao beans of Davao and the sugar of Bacolod which are molded into perfection. The company sets itself apart with its fearless use of tropical fruits and ingredients, and takes inspiration from local cuisines to create flavors that are undeniably Filipino. Among its treats that garnered recognition from the London Academy of Chocolates and the International Chocolate Awards are their 65% Dark Chocolate with Labuyo, Milk Chocolate with Pili Nut & Pinipig, 65% Dark Chocolate with Calamansi, Milk Chocolate Turon, 65% Dark Chocolate with Black Sesame and Milk Chocolate Adobo.

MS3 Agri-Ventures Corp.

MS3 Agri-Ventures Corp. is a newly emerging chocolate brand in the Philippines recognized for its Dark Chocolates, Cashew and Coffee Granules and 100% Dark Chocolate Cacao Tablet (2019 Academy of Chocolates), Unsweetened Chocolates (2018 Academy of Chocolates) and 75% Dark Chocolate with Coco Sugar (Top 10 Finalist in the 2019 SIAL Food Innovation Awards in Middle East). Touted as the “Philippines’ Best Cacao Tablet Producer” in the Asia HALAL Brands Awards in 2017, the company is made up of farmers unified with a cause to create thriving cacao communities from the value-added products that they produce and offer to their patrons.

Kablon Farm Food Corporation

Kablon Farms is a chocolate brand that adheres to sustainable methods of farming and is known for producing spicy dark chocolates made available in 60% and 70% variants. The cacao flavor profile of Kablon Farms is enhanced by the tropical vegetation that grows alongside it, including coconut, mangosteen, guava, jackfruit, durian and passionfruit. Its 70% Dark Chocolate won in the Academy of Chocolate Awards and was a Double Gold Star Winner in Great Taste in 2017.

Emerging Cacao and Chocolate Producers

The FoodPhilippines Pavilion shall also sample products from Tigre y Oliva Chocolates (Tiger Craft Food and Beverage Co.), another emerging chocolate brand in the country. Likewise, Biao Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative and Kennemer Foods International, Inc. are also looking to showcase their cacao beans and other value-added products.

7 New Filipino Chocolate Treats at IFEX Philippines NXTFOOD ASIA

Raw cacao beans and chocolate branded bars are lined up in front of the Philippine Cacao Pavilion.

Delectable, decadent and delicious.

These are just some of the flavors that describe the country’s chocolates and cacao-based products, which are being showcased from May 24-26 at the Philippine Cacao Pavilion in IFEX Philippines NXTFOOD ASIA at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, Pasay City.

“Buyers and visitors from major target markets abroad were delighted with heavenly treats by makers of cacao—also known as the ‘Food of the Gods’—at the Philippine Cacao Pavilion,” said Pauline Suaco-Juan, the Executive Director of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), the organizer of the event.

Here are 7 of the newest Filipino chocolates spotted at the Philippine Cacao Pavilion:

68% Dark Chocolate – Mango by Auro Chocolatesimg2

Auro Chocolates presents a new experience to enjoy Philippine-sourced chocolate and mango with 100 percent of the fruit but without the added sugar. Each piece of this new product is carefully freeze dried to a crisp, giving everyone the crunch and none of the oil.



Tangy Granola with Green Mango and Cacao Nibs by Wit’s Sweets and Savouries


Wit’s Sweets and Savouries prepared its Tangy Granola by combining mood-boosting cacao nibs with the tangy flavor of green mangoes to give an energizing and palatable flavor in every bite. Aside from tangy, granolas are also available in classic tasty, spicy, zesty and in coffee flavors.




Arabica Chocolates by Dulche Chocolates

Bringing the first chocolate brand from Benguet, Dulche Chocolates offers in its Arabica Chocolates two of the best Philippine agri-commodities from the highlands: coffee and cacao. This bitter-sweet concoction is a perfect treat for coffee lovers.




Dark Chocolate Nibs with Cranberries by Chocoloco

Cacao nibs are basically the purest form of chocolate that give you more cacao bean health benefits since it undergoes less processing stages. With its Dark Chocolate Nibs, Chocoloco uses fermented cacao beans which are then perfectly roasted, cracked and coated with premium organic coconut sap sugar.



Cacao Tea by Cacao Culture


Different from the usual tablea, Cacao Culture offers Cacao Tea that is made of 100% cacao husk, or the outer shell of the cacao beans. The husks are from high-quality cacao beans grown, harvested and processed in Davao City—the  “Chocolate Capital of the Philippines.”





Pili Choc by MS3 Choco

Another energizing offering under the Philippine cacao pavilion is the Pili Choc by MS3 Choco made from premium cacao combined with pili nuts which are a significant source of essential minerals, proteins and vitamins.





100% Cacao Bar by Chocoliz/Saret Organic Farmville

This new offering by Chocoliz is a sugar-free, guilt-free, dark chocoloate-tasting candy bar made with organic cacao grown in Luzon by Saret Organic Farmville. This chocolate bar undergoes minimal processing to retain the natural health benefits of cacao.

Minimally processed cacao helps fight against cancer, cardiovascular & kidney diseases, stress and anxiety. It is good for the brain, heart, blood and skin.

Cacao is one of the Philippines’ “Premium 7” export products and has been produced in the country since the 17th century. The Premium 7 exports include coconut, coffee, banana, pineapple, mango and tuna.

All of the three varieties of cacao beans are present and grown in the country. The majority of cocoa beans produced are mid-value Trinitario beans. Criollo beans, which are mainly from older trees, have lower yield but are still being produced while higher value varieties of Forastero beans are beginning to be planted in some local farms.

To know more about Philippine cacao and chocolate products, visit IFEX Philippines NXTFOOD ASIA happening on May 24 to 26, 2019 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, Pasay City.