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Outdoor living, defined at Manila FAME’s Garden Pavilion

Manila FAME’s Garden Pavilion exhibited the art of outdoor living though different themes – Asian, American, British, and French gardens.

(1) Asian Garden, (2) American Garden, (3) French Garden, and (4) British Garden

The pavilion featured products made from sustainable and indigenous materials such as rattan, buri, bamboo, coconut, abaca, and nito. Products varied from outdoor to indoor furniture, garden ornaments and accents, to concepts that embody the beauty of life alfresco. Handcrafted material innovations for products using methods of stonecast, marmorcast, naturecast, and nucast were also displayed.

A variety of  products inside the different vignettes of the Garden Pavilion

Beautiful lanterns inside the Garden Pavilion’s courtyard

Caroline Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief of Gifts and Decorative Accessories, described the pavilion as “A visual display that was an oasis in the middle of the floor, but it also was a good cross-merchandised showcase of exhibitor’s wares.” You can visit the website of Gifts and Decorative Accessories HERE.

Caroline Kennedy’s take on the Garden Pavilion

The Garden Pavilion showcased a variety of products made by different Manila FAME exhibitors. Here’s a complete list of the companies who exhibited their products at the Garden Pavilion:

List of Exhibitors at the Asian Garden.

List of Exhibitors at the American Garden.

List of Exhibitors at the British Garden.

List of Exhibitors at the French Garden.

List of Exhibitors at the Garden Pavilion’s Courtyard.

Expect more of Philippine ingenuity at the 57th edition of Manila FAME as it shapes up to bring new and exciting products on 14-17 March 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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Now Trending: Style Spots

Project Director James Booth identified three global macro trends for the 56th edition of Manila FAME. These style indicators identify buying preferences such as aesthetics, materials and value preferred by the growing market. Select Manila FAME exhibitors developed a collection of products highlighted in several Style following these three trends:

ECO-SUSTAINABILITY is about sustainable materials, natural or man-made, used for products that are made through environmentally sound manufacturing.

Fine-bone china by CSM

Designed by Wataru Sakuma for CSM

HYPERLOCALISM is about heritage — both local and global or “glocal” — spotlighting the interpersonal connections within a community

Products using Philippine Traditional Patterns for One Town One Province (OTOP)

Designed by Jinggoy Buensuceso for OTOP

BEING IN CONNECTION is about bringing different generations together through color, texture, shape and branding.

Wooden products from Chanalli, metal products from Miles Ahead and fine-bone china products from CSM

Designed by Stanley Ruiz for Miles Ahead 

Manila FAME’s 57th edition is gearing up for more exciting, inspiring products. Save the date: 14-17 March 2013.

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Come and Celebrate Design in the Philippines

Design Week Philippines, the country’s definitive celebration of everything design oriented with exciting highlights to share, appreciate and explore Philippine creativity. Its programs and activities are scheduled to take place in key locations around Metro Manila on 14-20 October 2012.

This edition, the DWP will create local and global awareness, highlight Filipino design sensibility, inspire the exchange of knowledge, and showcase the wealth of innovation and craftsmanship distinct to Asia’s Design Destination, the Philippines.

Everyone is invited to take pride in celebrating the creativity, craftsmanship and capabilities of the Philippines 14-20 October 2012.

Register and be part of a promising week-long celebration of Philippine design. Contact the DWP secretariat at telephone numbers +632 831-1268 and 832- 5039 or send an email to dwp@citem.com.ph or dwpsecretariat@gmail.com.

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Distinctly Filipino at KOFURN 2012

Home Philippines brings distinctly Filipino design, craftsmanship, and natural materials from the collections of MASAECO and Hacienda Crafts to Korea International Furniture and Interior Fair (KOFURN) 2012.

Organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) in partnership with the ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC), the  participation at KOFURN 2012 brings Philippine design to Korean consumers and buyers with the goal of strengthening trade relations with South Korea.

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In a world where technology has become the focal point of everyone’s lives, a world where everyone is plugged in 24/7 with non-stop tweeting, posting, browsing, and texting, Manila FAME introduces the Garden Pavilion as a sanctuary from our busy technology-driven lifestyle.

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Philippines Hosts 2012 ADB Summit

The eye of the financial world was on the Philippines as the country played the role of gracious host to the 45th annual Asian Development Bank (ADB) Summit this past 2 – 5 May 2012 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) and the SMX Convention Center.

Annual ADB Summit Official Website

The high-profile event provided an opportunity for countries to share insights on economic growth and development. For the Philippines, it was a chance to promote its economic progress and its tourism.

The Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) assisted in exhibitions and venue enhancement as its part of the Philippine Organizing Committee.

CITEM was tapped for its signature event, Manila FAME, whose thrust is promoting Philippine export and design. After the success of Manila FAME’s March show, the ADB Summit provided another opportunity to showcase to a global audience the Philippines and its creative industry. The most successful settings from Manila FAME were chosen to be recreated at the summit venues – the Creative Industry setting under the Philippine Pavilion and Manila FAME March 2012’s DeXign setting, TrendCast, and “The Colony.”

The PICC featured Manila FAME’s DeXign setting, showcasing top furniture and furnishings curated by Budji Layug and Kenneth Cobonpue.

Among the companies involved in the DeXign setting were:

  • Bon-Ace Fashion Tools, Inc.
  • Catalina Embroideries
  • Cebu Fil Veneer Corporation
  • GSG by Flora Creatives
  • Kalikasan Crafts
  • Locsin International
  • Maze Manufacturing Co. Inc.
  • MCCA Industrial Corporation
  • Miles Ahead Corporation
  • Natures’s Legacy Eximport Inc.
  • Sterling Gifts, Inc.
  • Tadeco Inc.

The SMX Convention Center housed the Creative Industry Setting under the Philippine Pavilion. The setting showcased Philippine design through the decades, from the 80s, to the 90s, and the 21st century, as well as the rise of Philippine design in the global market, highlighting the unique and innovative quality of Philippine design.

With the Creative Industry Setting, The Manila FAME Trend Store-incarnate called TrendCast was also featured at SMX, showcasing the March trends Paradiso, Stone Age, and Tribal Fusion. Companies featured in this setting were:

  • Art N’ Nature Manufacturing Corporation
  • Bon-Ace Fashion Tools Incorporated
  • Calfurn Manufacturing Philippines Incorporated
  • Catalina Embroideries, Incorporated
  • Chanalli
  • Craft Mill, Inc
  • Crystal Seas Handwoven and Handcrafted Products
  • CSM Philippines Incorporated
  • Ferimar Import-Export Incorporated
  • Floreia by CVD Ventures
  • Hacienda Crafts Company Incorporated
  • Island Girl Philippines
  • Obra Cebuana Incorporated
  • Riviera Clay Philippines Incorporated
  • Sarilinlikha Novelties
  • Shell Arts Company Incorporated
  • Stanpuz Corporation
  • Dela Cruz House of Piña
  • Asia Ceramics Corporation
  • Cancio Contract Furniture Corporation
  • Maze Manufacturing Co., Incorporated
  • Venus Crafts

Manila FAME’s registration counter called “The Colony,” also featured at the SMX Convention Center, is the honeycomb-like structure featured at the recent March 2012 show. It is the product of the collaborative efforts and skills of the artists that form EPOCH, a group of designers and artists with Filipino roots based all over the world. They are Daniel Latorre-Cruz, Martha Cech, Stanley Ruiz, Jinggoy Buensuceso, and Wataru Sakuma. 

CITEM’s Manila Wear collections became one of the event’s highlights as statuesque models showcased fashion apparel and accessories designed by renowned Filipino designers under the curatorship of Josie Natori.

READ MORE>> CITEM’S Official ADB website
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Three Global Trends for March’s Manila FAME

Manila FAME will once again feature the Trend Stores, highlighting the latest global trends for this season – Paradiso, Tribal Fusion, and Stone Age.

These new trends will inspire the designs and products under the Merchandise Specialist Program, led by experts Michael Cleghorn and Linda Simpson.

As Manila FAME gears up for its 55th edition, expect more to come on the Trend Stores and other show features. Manila FAME is most definitely getting ready for a bigger and better show.

Read more about March’s global trends.

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Three Global Trends featured at Manila FAME International

Three global design trends were highlighted for this edition of Manila FAME International and the products developed through Manila FAME International’s Merchandise Specialist Program in collaboration with international design specialists Michael Cleghorn and Linda Simpson were displayed in the Trend Stores.

The Trend Stores are designed to reflect the interior setting of a typical retail shop so that it would give buyers an idea on how a particular product might look like when displayed in a retail store setting.

The three trends are as follows:


The naturalist trend feature products inspired by nature. The products developed for this trend mainly use neutral and earth colors. Raw and indigenous materials such as pandan, raffia, seagrass etc. were used in creating some of the products featured in this setting.

Prompted by the regard for our environment the products featured in this setting utilize the various natural gifts of the Philippines.


This particular trend is inspired by the allure of the sea and intricate ikat patterns. Mood Indigo is a mixture of different hues/shades of blue. The products featured in this setting are made of recycled and indigenous materials like raffia, bamboo, abalone, abaca, capiz and driftwood.


This particular trend is a burst of bright and vibrant colors. Inspired by the blend of pop-culture and self-expressionism this bold trend definitely stands out. Products featured in this setting have more of a modern/cosmopolitan look as compared to the previous trends still utilizing natural materials that are available in the Philippines.

All the products featured in the Trend Stores are especially developed by the following manufacturers under Manila FAME International’s Merchandise Specialist Program.

Here’s the list of participating companies:

33 point 3 Exports, Inc. • Accent Pieces Exports, Inc. • Alice Blue Candle Inc. • Alriver Export Corp. • Anaware Ventures Inc. • Art ‘N’ Nature Mfg. Corp. • Asia Ceramics Corp. • Basket and Weaves • Betis Crafts Inc. • Bon-Ace Fashion Tools, Inc. • Calfurn Mfg. Philippines, Inc. • Catalina Embroideries, Inc. • Dekokraft Inc. • Ferimar Import-Export, Inc. • Gyrma International • Hacienda Crafts Company, Inc. • Indian Summer Gifts and Accessories • Joarene Fashion • Lightworks Resources, Inc. • Marléna Decor Craft • Mary Kel Company • MIL Export Philippines • Miles Ahead Corp. • Obra Cebuana, Inc. • Riviera Clay Philippines • Robles Heritage, Inc. • Saint Nicholas Crafts Inc. • Sally’s Crafts • San Jose Kitchen Cabinets • Sarilinlikha Novelties • Sebastianne Creations • Shell Arts Company, Inc. • Stanpuz Corp. • Starwood Manufacturing Company Inc. • TADECO, Inc. • Tamilee Industries • Venus Crafts • Triboa by Vivere Lifestyles Co. Inc.

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Manila FAME International opens

Manila FAME International, Asia’s longest running trade show opened last Sunday, October 16, 2011 at the SMX Convention Center.

Manila FAME International is known to promote Philippine creative manufacturers and producers in exporting their products in the export market.

On it’s 54th edition, Manila FAME International partners with the country’s major sourcing events – manilanow, CEBUNEXT and Bijoux Cebu in bringing buyers and exhibitors a wider array of furniture and furnishings, holiday and gifts, and fashion under one roof.

Upon entering the show you’ll be welcomed by the music of the T’boli tribe. Their designs are acquired from patterns made by earlier generations and are also inspired by dreams.

This season, the show highlights three global design trends, Naturalist, Mood Indigo and Graffiti. The Trend Stores showcases products developed by manufacturers during the Merchandise Specialist Program organized by CITEM in collaboration with  international design specialists Michael Cleghorn and Linda Simpson.

The RED BOX setting designed by Wataru Sakuma and Jinggoy Buensuceso of EPOCH features exploratory designs and concepts in furniture, home decor, lighting and accent products developed through a collaboration with selected Manila FAME International manufacturers and a new breed of cutting-edge designers – EPOCH, Team Manila and the Manila Fashion Group.

To make the show more interactive and informative, several Creation Stations are placed inside the exhibition. These Creation Stations feature live demonstrations of how different indigenous materials such as Buri, Capiz, Rattan are used in creating different works of art displaying Filipino creativity and ingenuity.

The show is open from the 16th to the 19th of October (Sunday-Wednesday) at the SMX Convention Center. For more information you can visit the website: www.manilafame.com. See you there!

Photos: Butterfly Leaf Fairy by Tamilee Industries, Inc., Booth no.: U17/V1 | Single Necklaces w/ Assorted Laminated Shells by Joarene Fashion, Booth no.: I16-17 / J4-5 | Pucalet Ring Chains by Joarene Fashion, Booth no.: I16-17 / J4-5

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